Pardonne​-​moi, Olivier! 16 oiseaux pour Olivier Messiaen

by Økapi & Aldo Kapi's Orchestra

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    Pardonne-moi, Olivier!
    16 oiseaux pour Olivier Messiaen
    The album is a plunderphonic parabola of the imaginary world, mystical and ornitological, of the French composer of the XX century, Olivier Messiaen. A sort of birds’ catalogue, as Messiaen tried to do during his life.
    As always, even in this case økapi composed a little sound-collagism opera, which includes a video development.
    This is the soundtrack of this “movie”.
    For this A/V-project, økapi is co-working with the italian video-artist Simone Memé, part of the collective MoreTv-V.
    Because of his dixit plunderphonic nature, and for the occasion, økapi involved Geoff Leigh (sax/flute) and Mike Cooper (guitar) into his phantomatic virtual orchestra.

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Pardonne-moi, Olivier!
16 oiseaux pour Olivier Messiaen


released December 17, 2016

Økapi: Direction
Geoff Leigh: voice, soprano sax, flutes
Mike Cooper: guitars

Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra:
Olivier Messiaen - Jon Appleton - Senking - David Berezan - Kyoka - Marc Tremblay - Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko – Paul Dolden - Ryoji Ikeda - Mochipet – Elsa Justel - Circuit Bent- Subjex - Mr. Ours & 4bstr4ck3r - Coh - Martin Leclerc - Herve Boghossian - Monty Brigham bird sounds collection - Adrian Moore - Signal - Christian Bouchard - Anemone - Kangding Ray - Louis Dufort - Hildur Gudnadóttir - Wolfgang Voigt - Marc Tremblay - Atom Tm - The Three Suns - Åke Parmerud - Emptyset - Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Ivor Darreg

Live Visuals:
Simone Memè

Amour humain
01 - A-Melospiza melodia
02 - B-Sturnus vulgaris
03 - C-Rallus limicola
04 - D-Setophaga virens
05 - E-Numenius americanus

Amour divin
06 - A-Pluvialis dominica
07 - B-Picoides pubescens
08 - C-Megascops kennicottili
09 - D-Pipilo erythrophthalmus
10 - E-Lagopus lagopus

Amour de la nature
11 - A-Lagopus muta
12 - B-Hylocichla mustelina
13 - C-Gavia stellata
14 - D-Catharus minimus
15 - E-Buteo platypterus
16 - F-Contopus cooperi

17 - Chant Dans Le Style De Mozart

Label: Off-Record Label



Økapi Italy

Økapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist. Filippo has recorded several solo albums, as well as recording in the duo Metaxu and with the trio Dogon. He has performed live for national Italian State radio broadcasts (RAI) with numerous international artists such as Christian Marclay, Peter Brotzmann, Mike Patton, Matt Gustafson… ... more

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